Victoria J. Dow M.D.
I received my M.D. degree from the University of California Irvine - California College of Medicine.  I decided to move back to Springfield, Illinois where I grew up to continue my career and raise my children.  After my internship, I was undecided about a specialty, so I worked as an E.R. physician for about 17 years at various locations in central Illinois and as a medical consultant for The Social Security Disability program.  Since age 50, I have continued to work as a medical consultant.   However, I found myself missing the patient contact and the procedures that I was able to perform in the E.R.  I wanted to continue my career in medicine and still be my own boss, spend as much time with my patients as they need, and offer a creative and welcomed service.   For the last few years, I was seeing many continuing education opportunities for medical aesthetic procedures as well an increase in the number of advertisements for, dialogue about, and growing social acceptance of anti-aging methods.   As a baby boomer myself, and with my background in music, art, and medicine, medical aesthetics was exactly what I had been looking for--a perfect fit!.   I found myself back in "school" again and loving every minute of it.  Then ALMOST MAGIC was created.  As a  friend of similar age said to me, "We could all use a little tweaking!"                      I look forward to meeting you.

Amy Davis

Licensed Esthetician
Certified Laser Technician