Victoria J. Dow M.D.
I received my M.D. degree from the University of California Irvine - California College of Medicine.  I decided to move back to Springfield, Illinois where I grew up to continue my career and raise my children.  After my internship, I was undecided about a specialty, so I worked as an E.R. physician for about 17 years at various locations in central Illinois and as a medical consultant for The Social Security Disability program.  Since age 50, I have continued to work as a medical consultant.   However, I found myself missing the patient contact and the procedures that I was able to perform in the E.R.  I wanted to continue my career in medicine and still be my own boss, spend as much time with my patients as they need, and offer a creative and welcomed service.   For the last few years, I was seeing many continuing education opportunities for medical aesthetic procedures as well an increase in the number of advertisements for, dialogue about, and growing social acceptance of anti-aging methods.   As a baby boomer myself, and with my background in music, art, and medicine, medical aesthetics was exactly what I had been looking for--a perfect fit!.   I found myself back in "school" again and loving every minute of it.  Then ALMOST MAGIC was created.  As a  friend of similar age said to me, "We could all use a little tweaking!"                      I look forward to meeting you.

Amy Davis

Licensed Esthetician
Certified Laser Technician

Kimberly Well


"Hair Well Done"
Master Stylist & Colorist



Maggie Aylmer


Licensed Massage Therapist


Lyndsay Walcher


"Got Roots?"

Licensed Cosmetologist


Tenzin Lama


"Nails by TK"

   Nail Artist


Tayler Irons



Licensed Cosmetologist

Glenda Vanderpol

"I'm All About That Face"

Licensed Esthetician

Permanent Makeup Artist